Minigun and I have been working on making the transition between our old host to our new host, thus resulting in the server having some down time! Not to fear, we're doing everything we can to get everything working ASAP. In the process of transferring to a new host, we have improved our DDOS protection by nearly double and have roughly +50% more ram than before dedicated to Yu-Craft.

Mini has also helped quite a lot with site improvements over the last couple days. This includes a new format, multiple ideas for saving on server costs: one being switching from BuyCraft to DonationCraft, and even setting up the website to work with our domain, ""! She has also brilliantly come up with a new update: "Judge Exams". You must have a 7 out of 10 to pass! Only a select few have been choosen to become a Judge, so if you think you deserve a spot on Yu-Craft's Judge team, study hard on the rules! We plan to allow players to take this exam up to 2 times per month.

Don't forget to give this amazing person a huge thanks when you see her, she's been a tremendious help towards the community (Also, she might need some free cards haha.)

Skyrecruit19 When will the server be up?
Addiction Is this productivity and growth I'm reading about? Sounds like the server's doing great! C:
VictoriaJustice Rip I got 7/10 xd I didn't know that I could search up card effects and I don't know much about chain links.

Welcome To Yu-Craft!

CombatBorn tag posted Oct 3, 15
A YuGiOh Minecraft server experience. Everything is in this Yu-Gi-Oh Minecraft server from the town's friendly trading card shops, to the competitive tournaments. You can save your money from dueling opponents to buy new booster packs and collect the Ultra Rare, Secret Rare, and Super Rare cards (new packs are released each month)! Most of the Ultra Rare cards which are released include: Exodia the Forbidden one (full set), Blue-Eyes White Dragon, Dark Magician, and the Red-Eyes Black Dragon! Fight and battle your way to the top on the monthly, and all time leaderboard! One must believe in the heart of the cards to do well in this Epic Minecraft Server.

Borutouzuchiha how do i become a tutorialist???
Spidereyefution what is the ip
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