Me and Bud have been working very hard to make change to this community to get it more organized, etc.

We've almost done it. 

There is now a new price guide you can go bye when trading.

There is also a new banlist, the banlists will now be posted on the website under the Yu-Craft gamemode forum!

Just in case, here's a link -

The banlist will be updated every month on the 10th from now on. No exceptions.

Community changes - Kuriboh Network.

Me and Bud have been wanting to do this for a pretty long time, we purchased the domain quite sometime ago and are just now utilizing it. The reason we chose to name the community this was because of Yu-Craft and the community that was brought here thanks to every single one of the Yu-Craft players! And soon the Project Poke players!

We decided to name it Kuriboh Network because Yu-Craft was our first gamemode.

Kuriboh Network is a community for custom gamemodes and will ALWAYS be a community for custom gamemodes PERSONALLY coded by Bud himself.

This is a short newspost, so please comment down below if you like the changes and the banlist discussion! =)

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